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02/11/2019…….Interstation—Chapter 1 w/ LXMP, Fleetstreet Theater

16/11/2019…….Interstation—Chapter 2 w/ Bianca Peruzzi & Dor Aloni, Fleetstreet Theater

23/11/2019…….SLOT/fux Kaserne, Hamburg, hosted by F*MZ

30/11/2019…….Interstation—Chapter 3 w/ Tian Rotteveel, Fleetstreet Theater

14/12/2019…….Interstation—Chapter 1-4 w/ 13 Year Cicada, Dor Aloni, LXMP, Bianca Peruzzi, Tian Rotteveel, Westwerk, Hamburg

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• visit us at Fleetstreet Theater Hamburg during our Residency from Oct 21 to Dec 21 – looking forward to playing with you


• have a listen to an exerpt from our show at Hörbar, Dec. 28th 2018

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